ROH-BAU/ Construction of the building

The slab of reinforced concrete with a high waterproof properties + waterproofing (Voltex).
The walls of the basement - garage
The outher walls of reinforced concrete with a high waterproof properties thickness - t = 30 cm. The external waterproofing of the basement floors is made of the polymer cement waterproofing materials (Plastivo 200), and is protected by a layer of thermal insulation of hard insulation foam - extruded polystyrene (insulation on the perimeter) 5 cm thick and molded polyethylene membrane of high hardness (HDPE - Guttabeta). Interior bearing walls are made of reinforced concrete. Internal storage compartments are made of foam concrete blocks Porotherm thickness - t = 10 cm. Vents and roof windows are made of reinforced concrete and covered with galvanized grids and networks, colored with plastic-coated colours.
The walls of the residential floors
The external load-bearing walls are made of reinforced concrete stamps (C25 / 30) thickness - t = 20 cm, and non-bearing walls of bricks Wienerberger Porotherm thickness - t = 20 cm; Structural walls between the apartments and the staircase walls are made of reinforced concrete thickness t = 20 cm, and partly of brick Wienerberger Porotherm thickness - t = 20 cm); Unsound inner walls are made of brick, thickness t = 10 cm
Elevator shaft
Structural walls of an elevator shaft are made of reinforced concrete thickness t = 20 cm.
The ceiling panel
The ceiling panels are made of monolithic reinforced concrete stamps (C25 / 30) of thickness over the garage - 30 cm, and thickness above the other floors - 20 cm.
The staircase of each floor consisting of two monolithic reinforced arm and landings.
he balconies are monolithic reinforced concrete slab
The roof terrace (Green Garden)
The board of the roof is made of waterproof reinforced concrete with steam insulation (Alutrix), thermal insulation EPS-150 20 cm thick (the calculation of thermal insulation and building physics corresponds to A +), elastic waterproofing membrane based on EPDM (Resitrix SKW). Boundary walls between the parts of the terrace are made of reinforced concrete and separated from the building by thermal insulation. The floors of the roof terrace are made of ceramic granite 2 cm thick (Conca DV 09) to independent adjustable supports. The area for planting vegetation on the roof terraces is made of protective geo-textile (Elastosave ES 30), accumulation -drenage plates of renewed polystyrene (Floradrain FD-40E), with built-in system of porous splashing water (Aqua Spa) and a mixture of soil of the ZinCo company (Roof Garden).
The roof structure / roof access
The roof at the exit to the roof is made of hot galvanized prefabricated steel pipes, coated with thermal insulation - colored metal sandwich panel insulated with polyurethane foam coated fiber cement plates, with subsequent application of layers of cladding system. Inside the structure is an additional thermal insulation layer of mineral wool and closed gypsum plaster boards with the final leveling and decorative painting. Plumbing works (gutters, roofs and chimney ventilation ducts, covers the perimeter walls, cladding of the roof structure) are made of plastic sheet.
Outside total thermal insulation and finishing
The prescribed classes of thermal insulation of the building is A +. The outer heat-insulating assembly comprises two mineral wool layers of different density (Rockwool Frontrock) thickness of 14 cm (+ 2 or + 4 cm, and contact facade mass of the company Sto (Sto level uni + Sto level Alpha - consisting of mortar - glue, systematic mesh facade fiberglass F110, tinted acrylic plaster - (Stolit K1.5 or Sto Milano) and colors (Metallic Lazura Sto).
Processing walls
The surfaces of the walls are plastered with lime-cement mortar Fassa Bortolo (KC1) processed with smoothing plasters and decorative stained. The surfaces of the walls of corridors and staircases are covered with high strength plasterboard with additional layers of sound-insulation (alternately laminated mineral wool and high-density rubber). The walls of sanitary facilities are plastered with lime-cement mortar Fassa Bortolo (KC1) and covered with ceramic tiles in accordance with the solution of interior design. The walls of the storage room and garage are plastered and painted with acrylic reinforced paint (Revitalcolor AG 1001)
Sound insulation of walls and floors
The soundproofing floor is made of specially formulated product for floors named Termotec of the thickness 5/10 cm, an acoustic diaphragm Termotec, complemented with EPS panel of the thickness of 1 cm, of floor heating systems and reinforced cement screed MUREXIN C 200). All floors are made with the performance of the expansion seams according to the project. The sound insulation of the walls between apartments and between apartments and staircases is made by the project composite materials of the company Fassa Bortolo (Gipsolignum Fon + tires + RC27). The sound insulation of the interior partitions in the right places is made with composite materials of the company Fassa Bortolo (Gipsolignum + Fon tire). When installing suspended ceilings a system of acoustic suspension ceilings of the company Fassa Bortolo is used.

Finishing work

Windows, doors, panes and sun protection
Finishing work Windows, doors, panes and sun protection Windows and ramped-sliding doors are made of extruded aluminum profiles with thermal bridges of the company Alu K with a special coating resistant to salt.>/p> For window and door profiles are used Alu K 77 IW ID. To create a facade of stairways are used Alu K SL 50th. To create a ramped-sliding doors are used Alu K SC 170 TT. In the residential part of the building glazing consists of three layers of glass with a special low-emission coating for protection from the sun: - for sliding walls (Sanguard clear 6 + 67 + 10 + tinted termix Low E 4 + 27 internal motorized blinds + 6 Low E). Internal blinds in the sliding doors are electrically operated with external control. - for windows (Sanguard clear 67 4 + 16 termix tinted Low E + 4 + 16 + PVC tinted Low E). All the windows in the residential part of the building are equipped with external blinds on electric drive and external control. Also, all the windows in a residential part of the building are equipped with the anti-mosquito net - Adriatic window. Sliding doors are equipped with anti-mosquito nets on special request of the buyer. The installation of the window and door construction is made bythe mounting system RAL with the additional sealing of all exterior construction sites and was carried out with the construction materials of the company Kerakoll (Nanoflex). When creating the facade construction staircases were used in two layers of glass (Low E 4.4.1 + 16 dimmed termix + 8 Sungard clear 67 ESG). The design of the windows on the facade wall of the staircase is made, according to the project, automatically opening the upper windows for smoke extraction in case of fire.
Elements of entrance
The front doors are made of metal with integrated electric lock, opening system with hand-held transmitter (key) and video color system protected against vandalism. The outside sliding glass entrance doors are equipped with automatic sensor opening on movement. The inside front door are equipped with a video system in color and electric lock opening with hand-held transmitter. The entrance cowl is a mosaic of stone with decorative elements Patch of the company Petra Antiqua and the inscription Villa Riviera Opatija, the floor at the entrance is decorated with colorful mosaics - terrazzo veneziano. The access to the garage is equipped with an automatic door opening via hand transmitter and a video system in color.
Treatment of the floors
The screed flooring is made of a material of the company Murexin (Murexin C 200). The treatment of the floor of the central entrance and hallway - Venetian mosaic in color (terrazzo veneziano), a staircase and a landing - are lined with authentic natural stone –pale of Kastav/Kastavski sivac). The treatment of the bathroom floor - tiles, which are placed according to the design of apartments (in agreement with the customer). In the bathrooms, where Altherma unit is installed, the contractor selects neutral colors. The treatment of the floor of the rooms and of the living room - multilayer parquet, made according to the design of the apartments (in agreement with the customer). Decorating the kitchen floor - tiles, made according to the design of the apartment (in agreement with the customer). The treatment of the garage floor - concrete floor smoothed with a sprinkling of quartz sand. The treatment of the floors of the storage - tiles of ceramic granite (selected by the contractor in neutral colors) The treatment of the floors of ther balcony - tiles of ceramic granite in neutral colors (chosen by the contractor).
The bathroom walls
The bathroom walls are made of ceramic tiles according to the design of the apartments (in agreement with the customer). In the areas where the Altherma units are mounted the walls are made of ceramic tile, and are selected by the contractor in neutral colors.
The balcony railings
The railings of the balcony and of the roof terrace are made of galvanized metal and painted with plastic paint. On the balcony railing is mounted a handrail made of stainless steel (quality ANSI 316) with built-in lighting.
Indoor paint works
The surfaces of walls and ceilings of the building are painted with two coats of paint based on silicone resins or despersive silicate or latex paints that can be washed. Decorating the walls in the apartments is carried out according to the project design of the flats and in agreement with the buyer. Primary color - 2 coats of white emulsion paint Tikkurila (Joker).
Dry mounting constructions
All ceilings are made using the system of dry construction of the company Fassa Bortolo. It is used waterproof material Gipsolignum of high density and hardness. Vertical communication channel in the lobby corridor is insulated with double-layer barrier plaster branded Regips.

Building services

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

For heating / cooling of the building and for hot water is provided the system heat pump air-water split design, model "Altherma" of the Japanese manufacturer "Daikin" with integrated DHW cylinder and associated support safety, measuring and regulating valves.

Each apartment in the building is provided by one external and one internal unit, where all outdoor units are placed on the roof of the building, while the indoor unit is installed in the bathrooms of the individual apartments. Outdoor and indoor units are connected together with the pre-insulated copper pipes that allow a continuous distribution of refrigerant.

Due to the different heat losses / gains that characterize individual flats, are provided the 4 models ERLQ008CV3, 4 models ERLQ006CV3 and 7 models ERLQ011CV3 of peripherals, and 4 models EHVX08S18CB3V, 4 models EHVX08S26CB9W and 7 models of EHVX08S26CB9W indoor units.

As the heat pump in order to maximize the efficiency of the energy are generally intended for low-temperature systems, this system is ideal for connection to underfloor heating, low temperature radiators and fan coil heating / cooling.


Central heating facility is provided primarily through the floors and bathroom radiators, while as a supplement to, or for complete coverage of heat losses, can use fan. During the cooling period, the cooling effect is done exclusively with fan coil units.

Floor heating system consists of a slug grid plate with insulation, declared coefficient of heat transfer in the amount of 0.034 W / mK, the model "Teckfloor B" of the Italian manufacturer "Sirap" and the multi-layer pipes (aluminum - plastic - aluminum) dimensions Ø16x2mm, of the Austrian producers "Herz" which is effectively incorporated and fixed in these plates.

Radiator heating system consists of the bathroom tubular radiators, designed for wall mounting with the possibility of heating electrically, the model is "Centra" of the, Austrian manufacturer "Odörfer".

In the cooling mode are used the high-performance channel fans of the Japanese manufacturer "Daikin" in two basic models: FWD06ACTN6V3 and FWB03BATV6V3. Fan coil units are located in the suspended ceiling so that scatter chilled air through the grille in the individual rooms.

The distribution of the working fluid for each apartment takes place via the circulator "Altherma" indoor unit to the individual fan coil, or the distributor / collector floor and radiator heating performed by the home station, made by the renowned Croatian producers "TTO TERMOTECHNIK doo".

These splitters of a certain number of laps (depending on the size of the apartment), are located within the built-in-wall cabinet, where the pipes are splitting within the floor structure of the screed, or to micro-locations of individual radiators. Home stations are with integrated circulation frequency pump, model Yonos PICO 15 / 1-6, from the German manufacturer "Willo" that allows overcoming the pressure drop that occurs during the flow of the heating medium.

The distribution of the heating medium is provided for composite pipes, model "Climatherm SDR 11", from the German manufacturer "Aquatherm", designed and manufactured for use in heating systems.

Each of the rooms in a single apartment is equipped with a special room thermostat with temperature sensor, through which regulates heat and cooling effect of certain surface heaters as the current situation in certain areas. In this way it is possible to have different desired air temperature simultaneously in different rooms.

Exhaust ventilation

For all the apartments the exhaust ventilation of sanitary and kitchen is built into the system, designed for forced ventilation of the space above by fans. By the evacuation of air from the space is achieved the underpressure in the ventilated space in relation to its surroundings. The result is that the air from the ventilated rooms is not spread to the surrounding areas.

For air ducts and exhaust outside the building were used the circular spiral ventilation pipes of the diameter Ø180 and Ø100 with all the associated connecting pieces.

On each floor we have separate fire zones for safety of users in case of fire separated with the fire dampers of the Czech manufacturer "Mandík".

Each apartment is equipped with independent chimney with the possibility of connecting the fireplace to the wood in the living room.
Water and sewage, sanitation

Sanitary installations in the building are made of the following materials:

  • Sewer pipes Geberit Silent PP
  • Water pipes Geberit Mepla and equipment Mepla Pred.
  • Built-in sanitary Geberit Duofix UP 320.
  • External drainage of storm water pipes Geberit Silent PP

Bathroom / WC
There is planned mounting of sanitary ceramic branded Villeroy & Boch and Catalano. Bathtubs and shower trays are made by German manufacturers Hueppe and Bette and italian brand Duka. Built-bathroom fittings, bathroom mixers and showers are from the company Grohe and Hansgrohe.
Doors and built-in furniture
All residential units are equipped with burglar and fire doors from the Italian manufacturer Lualdi. The same manufacturer has equipped all interior doors, wooden lining the walls and the doors built-in cabinets. Built-in cabinets are from the Italian manufacturers Poliform, Molteni and Lema
All kitchens have prebatched installation connections (supply and drainage, electrical, ventilation). There is a device kitchen furniture from Italian manufacturers Varenna, Dada, Valcucine and Zampieri and kitchen appliances from German manufacturer Miele.

Housing units on the ground floor have their own garden space in the immediate surroundings of the building, three apartments on the fourth and two apartments on the third floor have their own garden area on the roof terrace.

All gardens are equipped with a system of porous splashing water (Aqua Spa).

Eelectrical instalations of high and low voltage
The electrical installation is carried out according to all currently applicable regulations, laws and standards in the Republic of Croatia.
Installation of the strong current

Installation of the strong current carried in all the apartments, additional and ancillary premises performed with materials that possess all valid certificates. Carried out a sufficient number of sockets and lighting points.

Electrical accessories (sockets, switches ....) Are manufactured by Schneider type Unica.

On the facade of the luxury apartments Luxury Living, we used a superior manufacturer of outdoor lighting Platek, and we used it in the whole environment and the roof, and to a lesser extent we used just as a quality producer Luce & Light. For decorating the hall, we opted for a renowned Italian manufacturer of lamps Luceplan and Austrian manufacturer Prolicht, with their unique products.

Also we used a part of technical lighting with the company Macrolux. We have approached the apartments with always fascinating Flos, in combination with the above-mentioned Prolichtom.

Distribution and switching equipment are from the manufacturers Schrack.

Each apartment has a remote controlled blinds (lowering and lifting) via push buttons located on the walls of the respective rooms.


For the facility is prepared the underground connection Optic cable. Active equipment of the telecom operators is located in the garage in a common communication closet. Splitter connections to the apartments will be made with UTP Cat 6 and 2 pieces for each apartment.

Each apartment is equipped with a cabled network infrastructure with UTP Cat6 and RJ45 Cat 6 connectors The apartment is equipped with a distributor that houses a Wi-Fi modem. Internet access speed 20/2 Mb / s, which by the user can be increased without limit. Each apartment is equipped with 1x IP phone.


The facility has a common antenna system that emits terrestrial Croatian programmes and the satellite system with the ability to monitor the following ASTRA 19.2 13.0 BIRD and EUTELSAT 16.0. for each apartment.

The apartment has more connection places.

Intercom and access control
The facility also has an IP color video door phone system with 5 input units. Outdoor units have an integrated camera 1.3 megapixel. In each apartment the communication is enabled via the 7 "hands-free LCD panels. The system is of the manufacturers DAHUA Technology.
Video surveillance and technical protection

Everything have been prepared in the form of cabling for the following system:

The projected video surveillance system consists of 11 IP cameras with maximum resolution 3Mpx's at 12fps's connected to the 16-channel recorder that records to 4 TB hard drive. Cameras DCN-BV3341 bullet, are intended to screen surrounding the perimeter of the building and the main entrance to the facility itself. Dome type DCN-VV3342 are intended to monitor the main entrance to the building and the entrance to the garage and the garage. All cameras have the option POE power and are connected via UTP cable to the recorder and POE switch located on the floor in the office of the investors. Recorder has the option to view the recorded material and live images via the web to what is necessary for the investor to provide the router and ADSL connection with uploading sufficient to allow the smooth operation of the system over the network.

Everything have been prepared in the form of cabling for the following system:

The alarm system consists of a total of 15 control panels, for each apartment one, on which you can connect a total of 32 elements via expansion modules. Each control panel is an autonomous system for each residential area. To be alerted you need a fixed telephone line in each apartment. On the control panel is connected an appropriate number of motion sensors that make the case against entry to the central and activate sirens and made a call via the built-in telephone communicator. On the control panel are also connected to the fire alarm detectors are arranged in space according to the rules that in case of detection of smoke sirens and sent out a call to a pre-programmed phone number.

The alarm system is controlled via the LCD keypad that is located next to the front door of the apartment, and activated and deactivated via codes assigned to each user.

Lightning conductor
At the facility is installed lightning protection.
Lift appropriate for people with disabilities with stations for maintenance on all residential floors and KG. Inside the cabin, and the elevator doors are made of stainless steel. Type of lifts - Kone Eco 500 Premium.
Underground garage

Access to the underground garage is from the main street through the reinforced concrete ramp paved with local stone Kastav Sivac. The whole construction of the underground garage is made of reinforced concrete.

Wall surfaces and covers are colored with dispersion paint resistant to washing. The road to the underground garage, and the individual parking spaces for the motor vehicles are made of concrete with quartzite sand sprinkled.

In the garages is installed the parking system Wöhr.

An underground garage is ventilated naturally and has the draining of water.

Highlighting with the fluorescent tubes and LED illumination. Radio operated control system gates with remote control.

Communal areas

Landscaping work with home access, balconies, parking for motor vehicles, access to the underground garage, playground, lawns and flowers, shall be regulated after the preparation of the plan of arrangement of outer space landscape architect.

Garden fence parts are made of the wire mesh, height ca. 150 cm above the ground.

Connecting home sewers, water, gas and electricity to the public supply network is included in the sale price.

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